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Why Smart Sailors Have Boat Insurance In California

While home and auto insurance are always at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to insurance, many boaters don’t actually think about boat insurance in California. Why?  Some believe that it isn’t a necessity, while others are concerned that they won’t be able to afford boat insurance.  We’re here to tell you that boat insurance in California is incredibly important, you can find the best boat insurance that is affordable too. First, let’s talk about what the best boat insurance needs to cover:


The best boat insurance in California should include the following types of coverage:


  • Physical Damage Coverage: You can find low cost boat insurance in California that will financially protect you should you require replacement of you boat or repairs due to vandalism, fire, theft, lightning, or storm damage.  The best boat insurance will cover not only the boat, but the engines, the motors, and the trailer that carries the boat.
  • Liability Coverage : If you want the best boat insurance, then you need to make sure you have liability coverage.  Most boat insurance in California has this automatically included so that you’re protected should you get involved in an accident and damage the property of another.
  • Uninsured Boat Coverage :  Most who are looking for boat insurance in California are shocked to find that the best boat coverage also includes uninsured boat coverage.  This low cost boat coverage will protect you should you get into a collision with another boat that is uninsured.
  • Passenger Medical Coverage: The best boat insurance in California protects you in the event of any disaster, which is why you should look for low cost boat insurance which includes passenger medical coverage.  If anyone becomes injured while on you boat, then insurers who provide the best boat insurance, will cover their medical expenses.
  • Towing & Assistance Coverage: Low cost boat insurance typically includes towing and assistance coverage because it is so inexpensive.  If you have the best boat insurance that’s also low cost boat insurance in California, then you’ll be reimbursed all of the costs that you’d incur should you need any sort of emergency assistance.

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