Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner, your top priority is protecting your investment. Homeowners insurance is the ideal way to protect your home and cover other liabilities that can crop up in daily life. Finding the right policy to suit your individual needs can be as difficult as finding the right home, but once you work with Green Peak Insurance, it will be obvious the search is over. You’ll work one on one with an insurance agent who takes your personal considerations into account when searching for the most effective policy. If combining all your homeowners insurance needs into one package is the most advantageous route, we can do that for you – and more.


But first, start with the basics. Homeowners insurance consists of several different portions that require individual consideration.


  • Dwelling Coverage: This covers the actual structure of your home. Insuring your home at the correct value ensures that you receive the right compensation.
  • Other Structures Coverage: If a structure isn’t attached to your home, it’s considered a separate structure and needs additional coverage. Examples include an in-law residence or detached garage.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Belongings aren’t included in your dwelling coverage. This can also cover loss when traveling under some policies.
  • Liability Coverage: Arguably the most important part of your homeowners insurance, this coverage insures you against anything you’re legally responsible for covering, including accidents. You might be surprised to find out just how much coverage you really need.


In addition to the basics of your homeowners policy, there are multiple policies that might need to be added on, like flood insurance, earthquake insurance, or even an umbrella liability policy. Instead of dealing with multiple companies, let Green Peak Insurance act as your one stop shop for all your home insurance needs. Experienced professionals will work to find a policy that protects your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your family.

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