Earthquake Insurance

California is a hotbed of earthquake activity and finding an affordable earthquake insurance policy can be stressful. The protection you need and the rates for it can vary significantly, so having an ally by your side during the search is essential. Green Peak Insurance has access to policies underwritten by insurers fully licensed by the California Department of Insurance, and are also supported by the California Earthquake Authority.


Our insurance professionals can help you compare reliable policies that fit your coverage needs and budget. It’s not a question of if, but when the next earthquake will happen, so it’s important to have the right coverage. Do you know what earthquake insurance covers?


  • Dwelling: The limit on your homeowners insurance will match the limit on your earthquake policy and still doesn’t cover other structures. Typically, earthquake policies come with a 15% deductible.
  • Personal Property: The limit for this coverage only extends to $100,000 and isn’t extended to all items in your home. Consult us for specific coverage concerns.
  • Loss of Use: If you can’t live in your home after an earthquake, this portion of the policy will help pay for lodging and food costs up to a certain limit.


Homeowners insurance is not the same thing as earthquake insurance, and won’t cover damage done by an earthquake. Even in a high risk area like California, earthquake insurance isn’t required, and while it comes with certain limits, it’s better than no protection at all.


Even if you rent or own a condo, this type of policy will help pay for your belongings that are damaged or destroyed. It is important to note what earthquake insurance doesn’t cover too, which can include damage as a result of fire and flood or damage to land or vehicles.


It can be frustrating to buy extra insurance policies when living in a high risk area if you don’t know about it and don’t have a professional to explain it and help find the best coverage for you, but we can help ensure that what you’ve worked so hard for is protected and guide you through the complete process – and the first part of that process is getting earthquake insurance quotes on our website and seeing all the perks our website also offers to empower and educate you on such an imperative coverage!

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