Health Insurance

Health benefits for your family may be more important than you think.

Individual Health Insurance

Don’t get caught without an individual health insurance plan. If you’re not covered by your employer, an individual health insurance plan provides protection and peace of mind for you and your family.

Is Individual Medical Insurance right for me?

If you fall into any one of the below, you may want to consider health insurance


Not covered by your employer

Working part time

Retired, but not yet eligible for Medicare

You’re Smart and know that purchasing Health Insurance will provide protection when you need it.


Additional Benefits

Vision and dental benefits are not only for employee sponsored plans. Green Peak Insurance has contracted with many carriers to allow individuals and families to purchase protection for Dental and Vision benefits.

There are many differences between the benefits that employee sponsored plans and individual plans offer. Special care should be taken when choosing a health insurance plan. For example, some insurance plans will not cover prescription coverage or maternity. Our online quote engine will review these details with you and your family to provide the best insurance plan to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Apply online today and find out which carrier fits your health insurance needs.

Apply Online

Green Peak Insurance offers you the ability to shop online for your Health Insurance. In addition to providing you with excellent rates that save you green, you can choose how you want to create your plan. Choose the coverage yourself, or customize a solution with a licensed professional.

If you have already received a quote online or from one of our agents and you would like to apply online please click on the links below. If you cannot login please contact our office and we will email you right away.


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